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As companies develop in dimension, efficient project management becomes highly relevant. It also becomes more complicated. Luckily, many project management software applications are available to assist team members in managing projects simultaneously, making it much easier for a team to accomplish its objectives for any provided set of tasks. While PPM solutions have always been critical in assisting companies in creating a centrally managed solution, they are now more important than ever in today’s world, in which remote working is becoming more common. 

Of course, selecting the productivity tools for your team’s specific requirements is a critical first step. 

One of the PPM software in the market is Monday.com. However, there are several other alternatives to choose from. To help you decide what will help your team attain its strategic objectives while offering the most acceptable return on investment (ROI), we will explore some of the market’s top project portfolio management options.  

Read on to find out. 

Top Alternatives for Project Portfolio Management 

In the following section, we will describe the project portfolio and resource management features of Monday.com, Asana, Jira, Microsoft Project, Wrike, Smartsheet, and PPM Express. We will then give a verdict on the option we believe is the best alternative for project portfolio management and resource management. Let’s explore.  

About Monday.com 

Monday.com is an open system that allows you to create a custom solution for managing your team’s project portfolio. This straightforward collaboration platform is intended to help project managers and teams better organize their work and focus on the task or project at hand. In addition to team collaboration, Monday.com has task management capabilities that enable them to schedule tasks effectively and better manage productivity. With dashboards, you can see the big picture and get a greater overview of your budgeted cost, resources, and timelines all in one place. Furthermore, you can quickly grasp achievement using embedded analytics so that your team can maximize ROI and ensure business success. 

While Monday.com is an incredible project management tool, you may be thinking of switching to a better alternative to help you with project portfolio and resource management.  

In the following list, we will describe the capabilities of various project portfolio management solutions to help you choose what works better for your team.  

  1. Asana 

Asana, a cloud-based task management solution, centralizes all project-related tasks. Teams can see what needs to be done, the prioritized tasks, and the time work is due. Enthusiasts of graph-based project perspectives will appreciate Asana’s model to stay on track and meet deadlines. 

How Does Asana Compare to Monday.com? 

Here are the significant differences to consider when deciding whether Asana or Monday is the perfect tool for you: 

  • Asana has a portfolio feature that works similarly to the regular Project Management Tool. This option enables you to have a comprehensive overview of your current projects to ensure that none of the tasks you are managing simultaneously are dropped. Monday.com has a similar feature known as Groups. The open-ended nature of groups frees up your time to start making them what you want following your business requirements. 
  • The team management features of Asana apply to “organizations.” Personnel from the same firm are linked using the same email domain. Colleagues within an organization can form teams to work on and track tasks and projects. You can also team up with people not part of your organization or team. Monday handles team management at the primary level. There is no specialized page for team activities, nor are there any particular organizational components for team boards. 
  1. Jira 

Jira is a popular project management solution for workgroups using Kanban boards, Scrum, and Agile methodologies. This product has been aiding teams in tracking projects over the last decade. Jira Software today is among the most special project management tools.  

How Does Jira Compare to it? 

Following are the significant differences between Jira and Monday.com: 

  • The primary distinction between Jira and Monday.com is that Monday.com is more visual, while Jira is geared more toward developers.  
  • The two tools offer a plethora of features. However, Monday.com stands out because it is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for workgroups that are just getting into project management. Jira is considered suitable for more seasoned teams that require features such as code integration. 
  • Jira is more complicated and has a steep learning curve, whereas Monday.com is simpler to use and understand. 
  • Monday.com has more integration options, whereas Jira’s integrations are more focused on software development and teams. 
  • Jira’s pricing is more affordable for teams of different needs and sizes, while Monday.com’s pricing is more expensive and does not reflect its features. 
  1. Wrike 

Wrike project management solution is suitable for small businesses that require a customizable working space to organize mutual calendars, collaborate easily, and schedule projects. Additionally, approvers can speed up feedback by utilizing the product’s visual markup tool. 

How Does Wrike Compare with Monday.com? 

  • Wrike and Monday.com differ in the preferred default view. Monday.com appears to favor using the task lists as the default setting. Monday.com’s list allows you to enter projects and add details such as priority, due dates, priority, and more. Wrike, on the other hand, appears not to have a preferred default view. With this, you feel less pressured, but it is problematic because there is no single location in which you may add details. 
  •  Wrike prides in a robust request management form system that allows you to control the information you obtain when a new task or ticket is submitted; Monday.com lacks a comparable feature. 
  • Wrike’s time tracking feature ensures that team members are not overpaid or underpaid, which helps to avoid conflict. Users can manually enter their working hours into the time tracker, or the time tracking feature will automatically record them. Monday.com’s time tracking works similarly, except that you can edit previously entered working hours.  
  1. Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project is among the most popular project and resource management software worldwide. It has communication, co-authoring, team collaboration, reporting, time tracking, roadmap, mobile access, and resource management features. Any size business can use Microsoft Project software. However, it can be costly for small businesses due to its higher pricing. 

How Does Microsoft Project Compare with Monday.com? 

  • Tasks on Monday.com can be viewed in a variety of ways. Views include a timeline, file, chart, form, calendar, Kanban boards, map, and table. You can share your opinions publicly and utilize two views simultaneously. 

Microsoft Project also allows you to select from various view types. Resources, tasks, and assignment details are the three main types of views. This application provides Gantt Chart, sheet, network diagram, and graph views. Microsoft Project also supports combination views. You can have two ideas open at the same time. 

  • The Time Tracking feature on Monday.com allows you to track your time. It displays the time taken on assignments and tasks across all projects. Individual members or entire teams can follow their time. 

Microsoft Project also allows you to keep track of the hours worked by group members. Members utilize timesheets to record the working hours on particular tasks, including administrative duties, during their workweek. 

  1. Smartsheet 

Smartsheet is an online work execution platform that excels in various areas, including scalability, flexibility, security, project and resource management, and user governance. You can better track, collaborate on, and manage projects of all sizes with its commonplace spreadsheet-like interface and versatile views.  

See How Smartsheet Stacks up against Monday.com

  • Monday.com only offers email and push notifications, whereas Smartsheet allows users to receive messages via email, mobile push, approval requests, and messaging apps. 
  • Monday.com users are permitted to assign tasks, roles, and permission levels to invited team members, whereas Smartsheet users can only change account permissions after a new user joins. 
  • Monday.com’s Time Tracking Column lets you track the time you spend on specific tasks. Smartsheet lacks an embedded time-tracking function, forcing you to depend on third-party functionalities to accomplish this. 
  • Monday.com only allows an infinite number of guests to view, but not modify, sheets. Conversely, Smartsheet has a model that allows an unrestricted number of users to update sheets as well as access reports and dashboards. 

PPM Express 

PPM Express is a cloud-based Intelligent Project Portfolio Management platform. It assists Project Management Offices, CIOs, and Project Directors in establishing true project portfolio visibility, management, and monitoring, as well as increasing project manager productivity. In addition, the software provides an automated, intelligent, and integrated solution for all project management and portfolio requirements. In particular, PPM Express is tailored for software development departments to help them plan projects, teams, and resources as well as enhance effectiveness when there is a lot of work but limited personnel to handle it.  

PPM Express features include:

How does PPM Express Compare with Monday.com? 

  • In general, PPM Express is not competing with Monday.com, but it complements Monday.com with enterprise grate project, portfolio, and program management capabilities.
  • PPM Express is best suited for businesses that want to see the “big picture” of multiple projects managed in various systems like Monday.com. It is also ideal for companies seeking intelligent project status reports. Monday.com is appropriate for a wide range of teams in a diverse array of industries around the world. Its user-friendly interface and customizability make it appropriate for any project.  
  • An additional difference between the two is that PPM Express has project portfolio management abilities that allow you to manage assignments and projects, track the progress of your projects, and have more comprehensive visibility of all work all through your organization. On the other hand, Monday.com lacks the portfolio management feature. This makes PPM Express better at helping you manage work, portfolios, and projects than Monday.com. 
  • An additional difference is in the management of resources. PPM Express does a much better job of managing resources, but monday.com lacks this functionality. During the project initiation or ideation stage, you can utilize resource requirements on PPM express to create a detailed resource plan for your project. The feature allows you to perceive utilization conflicts and the over-allocation of resources in the resource plan.  
Integrated Project Portfolio Management Platform banner PPM Exoress


Which one is a better Monday.com alternative? Generally, the choice will depend on your business needs. However, from our view, we believe that PPM Express is a great complementing platform to Monday.com. PPM Express simplifies data analysis and reporting. You can employ more than one approach among Modern, Agile, and Waterfall in complex projects. Companies use PPM Express to handle hybrid projects and gain access to all enterprise plans and assignments, as well as portfolio management strategies and capabilities. 

What is more, you don’t have to do away with Monday.com if you want to use PPM Express. You can easily integrate PPM Express to Monday.com and enjoy the Portfolio management capabilities. 

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